We all make plans for our day, and even bigger plans for our life. It’s always smooth sailing when God allows things to move at what appears to be our timetable. But then it happens……things don’t go our way. Our dreams don’t manifest as quickly as we’d like, and our heart’s desires are not fulfilled. Our whole world seems to be falling apart.


It’s true, hope deferred makes the heart sick. In these past 15 weeks since Aj left us, I have cried out many times. My heart is shattered. I’ve begged God to take this pain and hurt away. I’ve prayed that a new season would began immediately. I’ve shouted, “I can’t handle anymore!”. I’ve wept, been angry, and felt defeated. I have even allowed others to come in an crush what little hope I was clinging to. It’s been hard. My heart is certainly sick with worry, doubt, and fear.

But this verse gives me a hopeful glimpse into the future. It speaks of hope deferred. Deferred means “postponed” or “delayed”. A hope or longing that is deferred, is one that is to come. This means that this season of mourning will end and give way to joy. It also gives life to the desires I have stored in my heart, those too will be fulfilled. God is good and his timing is perfect!

20140102-101218.jpg(photo from google)


3 thoughts on “Deferred

  1. Amen! Other translations say that a hope deferred makes the heart sick but WHEN it comes it is a tree of life. Not if, but when. Hope for better days means you are expecting them with confidence KNOWING they will come. Keep looking and hoping in God. He will never disappoint you. xoxox! Praying for you right now for peace to overwhelm you!

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